Days Of Doom 2


Graphics: Cartoon

File size: 7.9mb

Content: 9 levels, 2 bosses, 6 types of enemies, sandbox mode

Instructions: Click on enemies to squash them, or smash them by dragging your closed fist over them quickly. With each kill, you get points that add onto your score meter, which depletes itself slowly. Once the score meter is full, you can advance to the next level. Since this is the demo, you can press left and right to skip through levels.

Game mechanics: Total mouse control. Mouse clicking and dragging.

God powers: Splatter, alien summon, flash freeze.

Hint: Read the description before each level. Or it may be impossible to beat!

Screenshot: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Download link: Download Days of Doom 2.exe
Last updated;October 06, 2007