Ortex (Now with online highscores!)

Type: Game

Fullscreen: Yes

Credits to Navij11 (www.navij11.com) for the background music

Description: This is my first real game in a long time, and also my first shu'mp ever! In this game I tried to mimic some of cactus's work (namely "fractal fighter" and "protoganda strings") to create a game which is pretty much an endless stream of bosses, rather than levels or just regular enemies. There are 5 different bosses, each with a unique set of attacks. Once you beat each boss, you uncover their core, which you must then destroy to move onto the next boss. You get points from beating the bosses based on their difficulty, and 100 points from the core. Oh, and this game was made in almost exactly 6 hours, probably one of my faster times for making games. ^_^


Movement : Directional keys
Fire Gun : [Z]
Fire Pulse Cannon : [X]
Fire Spread Gun : [C]

Screenshots (They honestly don't do this game justice. Most of the effects are based on its high framerate of 120): [1]

Download link: Download Ortex.zip (All files included)

Highscore list