Grid Defender 2

Type : Game

Genre : Arcade TDS

Music : By the one and only Flashygoodness

Fullscreen : Optional

Changes resolution : Optional

Requirements : Windows XP or higher

Production time : 2 Years

Multiplayer : No

Modes : Arcade Mode, Asteroid Defender, Sandbox Mode.

WASD to move
Left and right click to use secondary weapons and to navigate the menu.
Escape to return to the main menu, access the pause menu, or exit the game.

Description - This is a fast paced space TDS much alike asteroids or geometry wars. It features two different modes of gameplay, a customizable ship, and many different enemy types.

Screenshots: [1][2][3]

Gameplay videos (Courtsey of PixelProspector): [Arcade][Asteroid]

Trailer (old): Youtube Link

Download link: Download Grid Defender 2