Grid Defender - Necromian's masterpiece

Type: Game

Genre : Arcade TDS

Fullscreen: Yes

Changes resolution? : Yes

Credits to Navij11 ( and Elijah Lucian for the background music and Rig ( for the sounds.

Production time : About 3 months

Multiplayer : No

Modes : 6 (5 are unlockable)

WASD to move
Left click to fire
Right click to use bomb
Spacebar to toggle grid (Only if grid-toggling is set to manual)

Description - This is a high graphic arcade TDS with many unlockables and challenges. Just like a regular arcade game, this gets more difficult as time progresses. There are also tons of formations, score multipliers, and an engine I created called the Gridripple engine, along with the Gridshader engine (Basically what makes the background grid do its cool ripply thing).

Screenshots: [1][2][3][4]

Download link: Download Grid